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Introduction to Specialized Saddles: 3:54 3D Fit: 3:28

Euro Light: 2:31 Fitting Kit System: 6:29

International Saddle: 1:44 Adjust the Width: 5:11

Trailmaster Saddle: 2:59 Adjust the Arch: 3:10

Barrel Revoluiotn: 3:19 Adjust the Angle: 6:18

The Ranch Versatility Saddle: 1:24 Fitting Narrow Horses: 1:23

Trail Lite Saddle: 2:36 Fitting Wide Horses: 1:35

The Wade: 2:36 Setting Up Your Saddle For You: 4:49
How To Shim For Bridging Why Does Stirrup Position Matter?


David the Range Rider: 3:53 Euro Light - The Miracle Saddle: 2:54

Trailmaster - Lauren Loves It!: 1:57 Kathleen Goes Western: 3:05


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