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Fitting gauge instructions

A. Select a spot approx 5" below top line in a vertical line with the back of front leg, or so called "girth groove". (see figure 1) Put a small piece of tape there.

B. Measure at tape * back edge of line* with gauge, leaving approx an inch thickness, from gauge bottom to horses top line (not hair). (see figure 2) If measurement is close to edge of another wider color, indicate with a plus + sign, if width measurement is close to junction of a narrower color, use a minus Example, red +, would indicate the measurement is close to junction of red and grey, red indicates measurement is close to junction of red blue.

C. Using a ruler or tape measure backwards from tape (point of measurement) to a point 18" behind first measurement, along back and put another small piece of tape. (figure 3) At this point measure in a vertical axis using the blue flexible rule, the loin/back profile, pressing down along entire curve,to shape the blue curve to shape of horse. Lift slightly and replace to see that shape of curve matches shape of horse. (See Fig 4). Make sure center of flex rule (black mark) is centered on spine when placing for shape.

D. Carefully lift blue flexible curve and rotate to a horizontal plane, lay on opened folder and trace outline. Make sure center of curve is centered on fold of folder before tracing. (See fig 5.)

E. Mail gauge, flexible ruler and loin tracing with width color measurement written on it, to us in addressed envelope. Note: Include your name, address, and order number, and phone number on tracing.

For more help watch video instructions under "videos" , Fitting gauge instructions, on our web site.

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