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Endurance riding is how Specialized Saddles started. Going the distance and finishing with a horse that is not sore and is eager to continue, is the goal of most endurance riders. Endurance racing is to recreational Trail riding as Auto racing is to pleasure driving.

Specialized Saddles is excited to introduce "The Ultralight" to our line of saddles. Please click here to see more information.

Pushing the limits of racing performance, and the testing, to find ways to be more competitive leads to innovation and resulting improvement in both sports. It was my desire to help eliminate sore backs on my endurance horses that led to the invention of the Specialized 3 D fitting system. It led me to win national endurance Championships in 2000 and 2001, also winning best condition in both events, and I rode two different horses for each event.

Today, thanks to sales reps throughout the world we are the leading endurance saddle worldwide. Our system works, the results of hundreds of races won by top riders all around the world prove it over and over. Top riders have seen the success of riders using Specialized Saddles, and joined our growing team of enthusiastic saddle owners. Horses perform better if they don't hurt. Not only have endurance riders all over the world benefited from riding Specialized, the world leader in endurance saddles, but all types of riders using Specialized Saddles, have found the answer to perfect saddle fit.

Our testing and improvement, is ongoing. After a long period of "retirement" from endurance, I returned to win my third National 55 mile MW championship this past summer here in New Mexico. My wife Tracy won the lightweight national title. Four other titles were won at the Nationals by Specialized riders. You too, can take control of your saddle fit by using a Specialized or TW saddle using the proven 3-D fit system which lets you adjust width arch and angle.

All Models of Specialized Saddles are popular in endurance and you can select the perfect one for you and your horse. Try one today with our demo program, and see what it feels like to ride a happy horse that wants to continue!

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