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Specialized Saddles was created to solve the problem of getting good saddle fit on any horse and to create a saddle that is really comfortable for the rider. As a horse develops their body changes. This saddle can change to accommodate. To meet the needs of Endurance Riders and Trail and Gaited horse owners who want to achieve better saddle fit, we developed our 3-D patented fitting system that allows you to easily adjust all three dimensions of fit (width, angle, and arch) without any tools! Each side is adjusted independently, so if one shoulder is larger than another, you can still fit your horse, unlike other adjustable systems. After developing this patented 3-D fitting system David Kaden, and his wife Tracy Webb, went on to win four National endurance championships on multiple horses. Better saddle fit results in longer strides and better performance. Today Specialized saddles are used worldwide and are the world’s best-selling adjustable fit saddle. Our patented technology has helped make horses more comfortable. This is achieved not only thru adjustable saddle fit, but also the special closed cell foam fitting cushions actually mold to the shape of your horses’ back and cushion the movement of the horses’ shoulders as he trots and gallops. We can send you a saddle pre-fit ready to use, if you use our new fitting kit option.

Each lightweight endurance and trail riding saddle (no horn) is custom built to your order. You can select from many colors and tooling options. We can even mail you a sample leather tooling ring. We use strong supple premium grade English bridle leather to make our lightweight endurance and trail riding saddles, and unlike other saddles, they require no breaking in to be comfortable for long rides. We recognize that a new saddle is a major purchase and we want you to get exactly what you want. We offer a two- week test ride thru our demo program, so you can see and feel why we are the best choice in a new saddle! Learn more at www.Specialized Check out the learning center and videos portion of our website to see why more riders are choosing a Specialized Saddle to enjoy maximum comfort for both themselves and their horse.