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Here are just a few of positive comments I've received from Specialized Saddles customers. It's letters like these that make my job as a saddle maker and designer so rewarding.

- David Kaden, Owner

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I sure love my saddle! Without such a light saddle I would have given up riding because of my back. Thanks for a wonderfully comfortable, lightweight design that feels great to my horses and me!

Sherie Weatherby

Amanda, thank you for all your help with my new, totally sweet saddle. I really appreciate your patience, knowledge, and assistance (especially today with the latigo keeper and the extra flat shim).

I'm already planning my next TW Saddle, which will be a wade. I'm just waiting to get another horse (probably in the next few months).

Thanks again for being awesome, and tell Dave he's a saddle design genius.

Lou Ascione

Hi Dave,

The NATRC ride this past weekend went really well. As I expected, I did A LOT checking fit for Specialized Saddles Riders. I fit Carnell Miller from Georgia and her horse won Novice Heavyweight and she was second in Horsemanship. I fit Patricia Petelle, and she and her horse won the CP division and she won sweepstakes. I fit also Susan Cozzolino and her horse was second and she was first! Gary Clayton, rode his new horse to a win in Open Heavyweight and sweepstakes. It was a full ride with a waiting list so there was great competition in all divisions. 

It was a good day for Specialized Saddles. 

I was very proud to be associated with Specialized Saddles this weekend.

Julie Capaldi
Specialized Saddles Eastern Representative

My mare loves this saddle, I have never sat in such a comfortable saddle, and the weight is great. It is really the perfect saddle.

Joe Rogers

I am so glad to have come across Specialized Saddles. I have managed to  have two hard-to-fit Arabs and you have taken the time to custom fit them with your fine saddle. Plus it doesn't hurt that the saddle looks so sharp! 

Did I tell you that I tried 3 different saddles before the Specialized saddle to find one that would fit Nadara? Thanks for always helping me out.

Jan Haugen

Dear Dave,
Thank you for making such an awesome saddle that is not just for the endurance rider but is fantastic for any rider old or young who would like to enjoy trail riding in comfort for their horse and themselves.

Susan Newton

Hey David,
Just wanted to tell you I absolutely LOVE your saddle! it is the most comfortable lightest and prettiest saddle EVER!

Deb Anderson

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Euro light and how great it is to ride in. My horse Theatric has won every ride he entered this year and we just finished the western Maine multi-day and he won all three days I rode him, and BCd with scores of 780 each day. His time of time of 7;44 this year at FITS in the FEI 100, was phenomenal.

He has never moved, so well and I am never sore either no matter what the terrain,it's so comfortable,and I recommend it to anyone who ask.

Kathy Brunjes

Hank and I finished Tevis. Because of bad knees, I can not get off of him during the ride to walk. We weighed in at 244#. His back was PERFECT at the end (and all day).

Jonni Jewell

Hello Dave,
I spoke with you the other day about my new saddle - which I love. I have had 5 saddles in 6 years trying to find the right fit for my Morgan mare. She's very flat backed, with very low withers, asymmetrical shoulders. My International fits her very well and is the only saddle that does not slide forward onto her neck or roll sideways onto her barrel.

I've used the saddle three times now and it has done extremely well staying in place and has allowed both of us to rebuild our confidence after several unsafe and scary incidents - and a year of spooking and bolting because our other saddles moved so much during a ride.

Heidi Krantz
Craftsbury, VT

First let me say the saddle has lived up to your advertisements, my horse was having lower back problems, I bought your saddle based on the information on you website. My horse no longer has the issue since getting the saddle. I train and ride endurance, I average between 20 and 35 miles/week on all types of terrain. Steep climbs and downhill as well and long sustained trots. I was never able to stand in a balanced position on a extended trot until this spring.

Diane M. Cote

David and Blake, I wanted to share with you Magic's achievements this year using the Specialized saddle - Magic was always a great horse but since buying the Specialized he has developed into a machine!! Looking at this year alone we finished Endurance Champion overall and Reserve Champion overall in OCTRA (Ontario) Highest Mileage Horse in Ontario 8th overall in Canada; 3rd in the Northeast Heavy Weight Division; and Reserve Champion in the North America Anglo-Arab Horse Association. Magic now has 2628 Ontario Miles and 2270 AERC miles.

Magic completed 2 100's this year; Old Dominion (Calvary) and the Ontario Provincial Championships (8th and under COC time). He completed every 50 in the top 5 and a 1st and BC and 4th and BC.

I want to thank you for such a great saddle - I can now realize Magic's full potential!!!

Tom Paleczny

I love my International for my Icelandics. It fits both the slender and broader types. No slip and adjusting needed for either of them. Plus it is so comfy for me to sit in. I have a friend who needs a narrow twist. Is the English saddles any narrower than the International?

Doreen Shoda
Bellevue, WA

We LOVE our Specialized saddles; I have a Eurolight and my husband has a Trail Master. One of our friends was interested in our saddles, so I had her over. She brought her huge leopard App whom she has had an extremely hard time fitting a saddle to. Within 5 minutes I showed her how to fit my Eurolight to her horse. She was amazed, as I have Arabians with very different confirmation from her big boy. She was already sold on the saddle, but I recommend that she sit in it, because she has to be comfortable, too. Her horse is still in "re-training", so I pulled out my Arab gelding and quickly put the Eurolight back to fit his back, which she was amazed at also, and she mounted up. She loved it! She has MS and is very courageous and determined to not only ride, but to find a saddle that won't hurt her horse or her. She should be ordering her saddle soon! Just wanted to let you know that you make an excellent product!

Ann Almond

I just saw my saddle on your new website! It looks awesome!

Wanted any folks out there who might be "oldsters" like me - I'm 71 - and at all timid about riding to really consider one of your saddles. I danced around the "scared to ride" issue for a few years but after riding in my new Specialized saddle it's a non event.

The second time I rode in it I was with 3 others on the trail (they were all riding in Specialized Saddles) and we came upon a rattlesnake that was too close for comfort. I was the last one in line and was able to turn my mare around and avoid going by the snake. In any other saddle I would have been terrified but, instead, felt safe and secure.

Sorry it took me so long to let you know how much I love my saddle.

Sandie Cloran
Carmel Valley

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE my new saddle and so does my horse. I was having behavior problems (bucking at the canter) from a horse that has always been willing and cooperative. The new saddle has brought my old horse back! We\'ve done 3 rides in it now and he has finished all with absolutely no sign of back trouble. The vet even commented as such at the last ride and he\'s my happy, cooperative guy once again. Thanks for such a great product. I think I\'m going to order another one for my young horse as well.

Susan Schomburg

"Dave, So happy with our 2 New Specialized Saddles. After many attemps to fit my troublesome Icelandic, with all different types of saddles, the Specialized Saddle fit is perfect. Our Foxtrotter says Thanks Too!"

Larry and Linda

"I just wanted to let you know that I took my new saddle for a test ride yesterday and WOW! I have never had a saddle put me in such a balanced position. It was simply amazing! Also, for the first time, my boy didn't have his chronic sore spot after our ride.Thank you so much for all your help and service! "

Jessica Spoone-Raines

After riding my new Trailmaster for a few weeks now, I just have to tell you what an excellent fit it is for me and my 2 very differently shaped horses. For economy I chose an un-tooled model, to replace my fancy tooled western saddles, so I was a little worried I might not be satisfied with the plain variety.However, the quality of workmanship you put into my saddle lets me appreciate how much you care about each customer. My questions and extra requests were promptly answered, and I had lots, because I chose to try all of the models in your "demo" program. It was well worth the extra time and $. I just LOVE my saddle. Thank you.

Tommi Gurule
Sante Fe NM


Marilyn Wiese
San Angelo TX

Just a note.................my horse loves the saddle..............moving shoulders more fluidly and less tripping! Oh............I love it too............no more sore seatbones after a long ride. Happy trails,

Sue Adams
Rolling Seas Farm
Egg Harbor Twp, NJ

Yep, Dave, you sure make good saddles. I love mine. I've used it now on 3 different horses, and it's wonderful.
I've had my "International" model now for 3 years and the quality really shows, it's very comfortable.

Carla Richardson

I received my saddle yesterday and it is in perfect condition! Thank you so much for the most cherished piece of tack I now own.
I rode in it for the first time and I can't believe how comfortable and secure it feels.

Sarah Featherstone
Richfield, NC

"The Trainer just cannot rave enough about the saddle, David. She agrees that it is the most comfortable saddle she has ever ever ridden, the horse moves better and attitude is better with the saddle. I will get a try at it when I go over to California next month. Janice also said that the video was such a great tool to help understand how the saddle works. She said that everyone wants info about the saddle when she rides it. Thanks again, Dave! "

Susan Gibson, editor
Trail Blazer Magazine

"This saddle brings the fun back to my riding,no more back pain ,the stirrup position is so balanced"

Mary DeLorry, Equine Dentist
Port Orchard WA

Hi!! I just wanted to thank you two and let you know how much I LOVE my new saddle! It is so wonderful. I've taken it out on several test drives and I am so happy.

Cheryl Dell

Hi David, I just wanted to let you know that I love my new saddle. It is so comfortable and I'm sure the horses are happy with it too. Thanks,

Linda Price

"Hi Dave. Did my first endurance ride in Maine in the Specialized Saddle. It was just perfect. I did the limited distance 30 and came in first. Was very happy with the comfort."

Janis McKittrick

Sorry I haven't written sooner, but been out of town, and country! Love my new saddle. Fits Beau beautifully and it's sooo light weight and looks wonderful! Thanks again!

PS. your saddles are worth the wait!
Gale Hutchins
Newbury Park, Ca.

Hi Dave,
I have had my International (Specialized) saddle for a year now....and am happy to report that my horse has not had a sore back since. Prior to our new saddle she had suffered an injury and had a very sore back for several months. Thanks....

Kerry Bingham
Stirrup Editor

"Hi Tracy and David, Hope all is well. This is late, but I just wanted to say thank you for all your help over the phone on fitting my saddle. Thanks for the DVD, also. Rick and Carol were at Bennett Hills and were nice enough to take the time to fit my saddle and show me how. They were so very nice and helful, that I thought you should know. That was the first time I had ever ridden in my new saddle. (It's the International, fully tooled.) I rode the 75 miles and never felt a thing. Usually I am sore--but not with this saddle. It was UNBELIEVABLE!!! I was amazed that I could do that kind of ride on a new (to me and my horse) saddle and come out of it better than ever. What's even better--my horse was totally sane that whole ride. I fully believe that he was more comfortable and as a result, not always trying to take off. A bonus: every one, and I mean EVERY ONE! commented on how gorgeous my saddle is! What a show stopper! It's bad enough I ride a big black and white paint--now everyone is noticing my saddle, too. It's pretty fun. Anyways, just wanted to drop in a "hello" and how much I appreciated your help along with Rick and Carol's help. I've been promoting the heck out of your saddles." Take care,

Krista Snyder-Karain
Eagle, ID

"I spent the evening cleaning our 4 year old Trail Masters. It inspired me to contact you to tell you that after all this time we still love our saddles. What luck to have been able to find these saddles and avoid so many problems. They have held up beautifully. Over the years we have had to deal with the usual variety of horse health problems but a sore back from the saddle has never been one! Thanks!"

Katey Kennedy
Brush Prairie WA

Got the saddle while I was in Spain, and it fits perfectly on the mare I wanted it for. It's a nice looking saddle too!

Cia Reis
USA World team endurance member, 2002

"Greetings David, Thank you so much for all your efforts. I did infact get the saddle for the ride. I'll tell you the UPS story some other time. But it arrived and we were off late morning Thursday. IT IS BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the special conchos! My horse thanks you as well. We did all three days and finished 2nd overall. He looked better after 3 days than he has after some single day rides. It has been wonderful working with you. Oh also you sent me a second set of stirrup. I had the pair from the 1st saddle. Would you like me to mail them back to you?

Thanks again David. You truly are wonderful to work with."
Susan N. Romero

Last September I purchased a gaited horse and from Day One I had nothing but problems with saddle fit. M, my horse, was intended to be my endurance horse but after trying five different saddles , each of which rubbed and galled him in some way, I was getting very discouraged. M is very small, slab-sided, and has a very short back. All the saddles I tried seemed to rub him in the loins.

In November 2008, I met Kathleen Green at the Trail Blazer Festival in Santa Barbara and she introduced me to the Specialized Saddle. It seemed as though it may be the solution. Kathleen was so helpful that she even came to my ranch and measured M and decided that he needed to have a shorter tree in order to achieve a proper fit. After the saddle was delivered Kathleen personally shimmed and fit the saddle to M's back.

This past weekend M and I did our 1st endurance ride. I rode him 125 miles in three days and the Specialized Eurolight fit M like a glove. He had no back pain and no rubs. He did so well that he placed 15th in a field of 132 in his 1st endurance ride. Not only is the Specialized comfortable for M but this was my 1st endurance ride, too and I was as comfortable as my horse. This goes to show that the Specialized Saddle not only works for the Arabs in the endurance world but it also works for gaited horses. I love my saddle.

Becky Lange
Santa Maria, California

I really, really, really love my new saddle, and so does my horse Kitty, she's a Tennessee Walker and it has really freed up her shoulders and she is loving it.

LeAnn Ferguson

"...Did get it on my horse and ride for a few minutes this morning... think it is going to be great. Seems comfortable, "twist" not too wide, sits better than my English saddle on the horse and doesn't seem to shift as much.... also like the bottom padding.... seems to give very good protection to the back...."

Susan Schoenfield
Short Creek Ranch
Coaldale, CO

"Just got back from a long ride in the woods on the new TrailMaster I got and was wondering how to express my feelings about this incredible saddle. Words like balance, oneness, unity, freedom, passion, comfort, pleasure, happiness, flying lead changes, dance, but the word that seemed to sum it up... magic."

Dawn Perrine, Equine Consultant
Boulder Creek, CA

"I received the saddle last week I took it with me on a three-day ride this past weekend. It was by far the most comfortable saddle I have ridden in to date. This includes a Sharon Saare, sport saddle, Synergist, and another I have forgotten."

Julia Weens
Superior, CO

David, I wanted to drop you a note and let you know what professional distributors you have in Jeanne and Tiger Steele of Carmel Valley, Calif. They are exceptional in working with the horse and rider to ensure an excellent fit for both. I was a total holdout - even when you came to Jack Brooke Horse Camp! I assured myself it was a fad and no saddle could be that good. Feathers of any kind are not tasty. Jeanne and Tiger were champs - they were patient with me. They loaned me their saddles and taught me how to ride correctly. But my red defiant Tennessee Walker proved their case to me. Now he gaits down hill like the Fire Dancer he is. Jeanne and Tiger smile knowingly. Another convert - and of course I am convinced too. Now if this saddle can convince my big TWH to stop pawing in the trailer. I bet he can't wait to get out and put on his new saddle and matching pad. Thank you.

Carla B.
LosGatos, CA

I love my Specialized!

These saddles fill a niche no other saddle does that I know of. It offers a way to continually change the fit to accommodate the ever changing muscle structure of a horse's back due to age and condition, which greatly lends itself to the peace of mind of a long rider, we have enough to worry about.

The added bonus of being able to use it on multiple horses is also a big plus--Just a simple rip and apply--your done.

Cheri Westmoreland
NATRC competitor region 3

Hi Blake and David,

Thanks for the fast service. Just got the euro light and I loved it, and so did my young 4 yr old arab. This euro is comfortable for me and horse,terrific! I may have to get another, my sister wants mine, for her wide backed Crabbet mare. I just love this saddle! thanks again

Sue White Hedgecock
Park City Utah

Just got my new saddle and it looks great. I like the edge tooling and tell your saddle maker the workmanship is outstanding! (Second Saddle)

"Dave, I was pleasantly surprised and very much reassured by your cooperative spirit, on the phone. I had been waiting with much anticipation to see if your 15" TrailMaster would work for me. I love the way the saddle feels and how effortless it is to set to any gait. Thanks for working with me on the custom changes."

(First Saddle)
Sue Neff
Jamestown Tenn

Hi David

I just have to tell you how much i LOVE my Euro Light. I rode my horse for 9 hours straight ( we rode safty for the Trinity Traail Runner ) They use our local trails for there anual marathon run. My horses back was AWSOME ...no soreness and he was a happy horse all around. I have had a Sharon Saare saddle that gave my horse white spots on his back. I had a Bob Marshall saddle that made him sore. I have had Abetta , Big Horn, Fabtron and Aussi saddles... NOTHING works like a Specialized Saddle.

Diana P.

I am so enjoying the saddle. My horse has turned into a nonbucker. All this time I thought he was just mischievous.

Pam Frank

Sandi and I got our new International saddles and we love them! WE are very pleased with the quality and appearance of these saddles and can't wait to start showing them off!

Kathey Sugrue-Richards
Douglas MA

"I finally found a lightweight saddle that fits me and both my horses! My Paso Fino found a "new gait" and my other horse seems like a new horse too,comfort for the horse really has made a big difference."

Cassatt SC

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service. I had ordered a saddle from you and when I received it I found I ordered it to small. You took it back no questions asked and sent out a larger saddle within a couple of weeks. I love it!!! I can't thank you enough and look forward to putting many miles on in my new saddle.

Pamela Casey
Los Gatos, CA

"...The close contact feel of the TrailMaster, let's me use leg cues to turn my horse so much more effectively. I like to use the bit to slow and position my horses head for balance and collection, but use my legs to cue turns. Now I can manage him better at speed in tight woods. I knew this horse had it in him and now with your saddle, and two years conditioning, it's coming together."

Vonita Bowers
Hughes Springs, TX
1st Place Winner Old Glory 50, June 2000

Good afternoon David,

I just wanted to let you know that I received my saddle a couple of weeks ago and absolutely love it. I completed my first CTR in it this past weekend in Iowa and had a great ride. No edema or soreness in my horse and it kept me comfortable all 50 plus miles. The quality and craftsmanship is excellent and I received several compliments on it. Thank you!

Sarah Garcia
President, Region 6
North American Trail Ride C

"Attn: Dave and Theresa, Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful saddle. I received my saddle so quickly and was able to adjust everything to my liking before my test ride at Manzanita 50. My horses back was not sore after the fast 50 mile ride and we finished 14th out of about 70+ horses. My horse was happy and still pulling to go after the ride. I am bragging to everyone about this saddle and everyone I saw on the ride that owned one loved it. Thanks again, I’m anxiously awaiting my pad J I used a Supracore pad that worked great. "

Sheri Thompson

Hi, I love my saddle. I was worried about doing the fitting--all those pads and shim strips--but it was easier than it looked. My horse moves really well, and in particular is doing much better keeping his rear under him when going down a hill.

Kathy Tryhorn

Received the saddle only a week after it was sent, that was incredibly quick!

I'm very happy with your saddle, and so is my horse I think - at least it has a wonderfully comfortable seat, and I'm looking forward to testing it out on longer trips. I spent some time fitting it / cutting away bits to avoid pressure on the shoulders, but now it seems to fit very well.

Thank you for an incredibly smooth deal, great product and great communications! Also for adding the two girths - I like both, though the neoprene one really seems stable & stays in place (++ for the buckle equalizer!).

Anne R. Řiseth

"I went on a trail ride Sat and the saddle was very comfortable.for me and I am especially pleased about how it fit my horse! She had very even sweat patterns and even after a long ride no more signs of discomfort.I was almost ready to give up finding a saddle that fit my mare.She is a gaited horse and seems to move out more freely now.Thanks so much for making a saddle design that is superb!"

JO Cameron
Spokane WA

"As I told you, Bill and Brenda Kuehl have literally had their horses-lives saved by changing to Specialized Saddles. Neither of them would probably be riding at all now had they not acted on my suggestion to get a saddle that would fit their horses back. Both of their foxtrotters are now different horses!"

Jamie Tate, Riding Instructor
Sunland Park, NM

"I am extremely happy with my saddle and so is my horse. With the stirrups set in the rear setting I am so balanced I could ride 2 point forever!"

Susan Brewer
Auburn, CA

"The saddle is working wonderfully!! Chivas (my horse) is moving very nicely and is a happier boy. I absolutely adore the removable endurance fenders. There is no stress on my ankles and knees since the stirrups move so freely.

Dawn Carrie
Huntsville, TX

"I have to say thank you so much for the saddle! I received it while up in Brenham with Cindy Deaton, and it is incredible! I know you've been swamped, but getting it to me in time to ride with Cindy was perfect. She did all the shimming and fitting so that it fits the mare I was riding up there (not the same one for whom you have the equimeasure pad) and it rides beautifully. Not only was the saddle beautiful, but the breast collar was detailed to match! I really expected that it would be the same color, but plain. What an added treat! It's so much easier to ride better when the saddle fits both horse and rider. "

Julia Mason

"Duane used my TrailMaster today and he told me to sell the ortho-flex! So I guess we will be getting another one of your saddles, but he would have to have a horn, know anyone who might want a Tempi all around ortho-flex?"

Linda Jones
Boswell, OK

"I just wanted to let you know that I went on two training rides using my new saddles and was very happy with it. The horse's back was not sore after either ride and it was a good fit for me too. I've entered in an endurance race next weekend and I'll let you know how we do. That will be a real test."

"Dear Dave,"I was in the ride the past weekend, and the saddle and horse did great - we came in 9th place. The best part for me was that horse did not have a sore back! Finally, after almost two years, he finished out without a sore anything! I am so happy, Thank you Thank you."

Kristen Loft
Camarillo, CA

David, Thanks for getting the saddle to me on the time frame requested, I just came back from a 6 day camp trip. logged about 80 miles in your saddle and I just had to send you a e mail and say thank you, not only did the saddle fit the horse without any dry spots, but the balance that it provided me as the rider was outstanding. I have been riding in my wifes Arabian solstice saddle for 6 months, and I cannot believe how much better your saddle works. Thanks Evan

Evan Scott

I have just arrived home from the "Endure for the Cure" ride in South Carolina. It was my horses first official ride and when she finished 16th place in a 35 mile ride, with all A's on her card I was thrilled. No soreness at all in her back at all, which I thought I would never see. This is a horse who went though 3 other brand name saddles and professional fitters. Now with this saddle no soreness at all and white marks going away. I am very pleased with my saddle and recommend it highly to anyone who asks!

Julie Coats

I just took my maiden ride in my new Specialized Saddle. I have competed for 8 years in a name-brand flex-panel saddle but had started noticing white hair on my horses back. Also, had trouble with girth galls in his armpits. Well, I rode a different horse. He was so relaxed and not the usual fretting he has done. When I got through, my girth was where I put it and not forward. I am so pleased. Your new best advocate.

Cathryn Whitaker
Dublin, GA

"OMG! It's here already!! I got it in the mail on Tuesday and got a chance to put it on her and wander around the yard Wednesday and used it for my lesson on Friday - what a TREAT!! I was prepared to wait another couple of weeks and was very pleasantly surprised...then there's the actual riding! I really didn't get a chance to ride it much during my demo because Holly was out of commission at the time, but I did put it on my borrowed horse and ride it one night for Drill Team practice and knew I'd like it, but wondered how secure I'd feel in it when the Wild Child decided to romp a bit. It's my first 'real' saddle that was ordered specially for me and Holly and I had become quite attached to my little Aussie/Western cross that didn't fit her at all, but made me feel like I'd never have to worry about coming off of her. I was really reluctant to give up that secure feeling - I've bought 6 other saddles before this one (no demo on those) and ended up reselling them all because I got in them the first time and knew it was NOT the saddle. When I put this one on her Friday I knew this is THE saddle for both of us. I can see us doing LOTS of miles in comfort in this one for many years to come. Thank you so very much for responding to my plea on RC for a saddle that actually fits both me and my horse. If you want references from someone that has one, have them call me or email me...I'm one very satisfied owner. "

Suzi Maiorisi
Georgetown, TX

"I received my custom tooled saddle today and it is so beautiful.The matching hoof pick and leatherman holders are just what I wanted!Your detail and quality second to none!"

John Walker
Vallejo CA

"Hi Dave I am quite pleased with my new saddle, it's beautiful and so light! I do need a set of shims for my 'hard to fit' Arab that broke her withers a couple of years ago. At the withers she doesn't flare as much as the saddle. The pads will lie flat on her back but then there is a space of about one and a half inches where the Velcro lifts from the saddle for a space of about three or four inches along her spine then it fits well. This is with the thicker pads. The saddle fits all the other horses by changing the pads. Amazing that one saddle could adjust to fit four very different horses. I also need to order a saddle pad in black and a girth. Thanks for your call and help."

Susi Modisher

"Hi Dave Just got back from a ride called the Santiam Cascade ride, we did a 30 mile in 90+ heat and came in 7th and 8th and 2nd and 3rd in B.C. We had some of the vets and some of the other riders asking about your saddles. Just so you know I'm impressed with the saddles both horse and rider fit thanks "

Don Depuy

"Thank you for the phone call asking if my saddle arrived and how did I like it. I waited for a week before trying it out- thought maybe I had made another impulse purchase at the Convention in Tx- however, after riding it on the first horse, then on to another horse, I can't stop using it. It has been extremely comfortable since the first time riding in it. So far- it fits 3 of my horses without adjusting a thing.... I am amazed. The seat is secure, the saddle is light and easy to place, and the stirups are in the middle position- perfect for my needs. Thanks for such a nice saddle- looking forward to seeing how it performs on my first endurance ride!!! Prineville this next weekend."

Cynthia Peticolas-Stroud
Lyons, OR

Just wanted to send a quick note to say how pleased I am with the new saddle I recently got. It is all that you claim it to be and more. I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the box. It fits my horse great (with a few minor adjustments) and allows me to ride balanced which has always been my goal. Thank you for a wonderful product and Keep up the good work!!

Debbie Taylor Gladstone

Dear David,

I am a friend of Judith and Alan Stirling in the UK and I am just so very thrilled with my Trail Master saddle!!!! Just had to tell you. My horse, Jimmy Mac, has recently been selected to be in the Welsh Endurance Team for this year so we are all off to Northern Ireland in August to ride 50 miles over two days. I shall wear my nice Specialized Saddles riding jacket and our horse trailer has your Specialized Saddles stickers on it too. We are very proud to represent these excellent saddles! My horse is going very well now and is muscling up and even his white hairs (in the saddle area) have gone! Fantastic!!!!

Many thanks indeed for a great saddle! We are over the moon! If my horse is not happy, then neither am I! HE IS VERY HAPPY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Wishes
Alexandra Nicholls
Llwyn y Groes,Tregaron

"I love my new saddle more every time I ride it.When I ride at speed it makes it so much easier now.If you only knew the things I used to do to try and stay balanced, and how much I hurt after a ride....Thanks again"

Connie Hoge
Arlington WA

"The saddle has some REALLY WONDERFUL features. It has a narrow twist, and my horse is really moving out freely, his trot too big! I love the close contact feel, the fact it is so light weight, and the ability to adjust fit to the horse is invaluable."

Cindy Crane
Houston, TX

I bought an International model Specialized Saddle for my horse, KMA Chazz Piper. As I had conditioned him for endurance, his body conditioned had changed, and the saddle I first bought for him no longer would fit him. From Winter of 2006 to summer of 2007, I was able to fine tune his fit several times instead of having to go saddle hunting again. How did it turn out? We finished top 10 at the Old Dominion 100 riding Cavalry, and then finished 31st at Tevis. Despite all those hills, and riding with no breast collar or crupper, I never had to adjust the saddle between vet checks. That is what a good fit can do for you. I just bought my second Specialized Saddle for Pipers 3 year old 1/2 brother. As he matures, I can adjust the saddle instead of having to keep buying new ones. Great concept, well executed

Paul N. Sidio
Spokane MO

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