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Adjustable Endurance Saddles & Western Saddles From Specialized Saddles

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Shown here is an example of how easy it is to adjust the width over a 3" range of width adjustment covering all sizes of horses. For even more width adjustment we offer an extra wide tree for a full 8" of width availability.

Our patented 3-d fitting system lets you independently adjust width, arch (rock), and angle to match the 3-dimensional shape of your horse's body. Our system is the only system IN THE WORLD that lets you adjust all three dimensions and after all, horses are three dimensional. No tools other than a pair of scissors required!

To adjust the width, simply raise the position of the fitting cushion up or down slightly, or for even more adjustment, change to a different thickness of fitting cushion for a total range of 4 inches of width adjustment. This allows you to use the same saddle on almost any horse. For extremely wide horses we also make extra wide trees.

To adjust the angle, use the wedge shims that come with your saddle, selecting the wedge shims that match the angle of your horse. This is easily done and is explained on the "How to Fit" DVD that comes with each saddle. To adjust the arch, use the flat shim strips to change the curve of the bars to match that of your horse. Proper methods for this adjustment are shown on the fitting DVD.

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